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Bump Mapper™ Effect
can turn your image or video layer into bas-relief alighted by point light source. Varying plug-in parameters let you obtain incredible visual effects. Our tutorials will give you step by step instructions.

Glass or metal, plastic or stone, water or sand - you can simulate different textures and effects using Bump Mapper™ controls. You can use it to make a bronze coin or liquid gel or something unprecedented before. You can start with simple picture.

This product is a great addition to Adobe® After Effects®. This product has endless possibilities. Use your imagination to create wonderful projects with this great tool!

Try it today and see for yourself!

Proceed to Demo Download section or visit our Gallery to see samples.

System Requirements:

Operating System*:
Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP (This product was not tested for compatibility with Win9x series. If you have these versions we cannot guarantee proper program functioning).
Host Application: Adobe After Effects 5.0 or higher
CPU: Intel or AMD processor
RAM: 128Mb (system requirements) or higher
Hard Disk Space: less than 3Mb
(incl. documentation and samples)

* There's no Macintosh version of plug-in at this time



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